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Where Pretty and Profit collide! Proudly producing some of the most sought after animals in the industry.

** 2014 High Selling Lot in the CMGA Share Your Herd Sale! 2013 2nd High Selling Lot in the CMGA Share Your Herd Sale!

Multiple National Champions, RAWF Grand Champions, and Market Kid Trophy winners!

Multiple Consecutive RAWF Premier Breeder, Exhibitor, and Herdsman Banners!

Breeders and Exhibitors of Multiple CMGA Show Champion of the Year Recipients!

2015 OG Goat Advocate of the Year recipients!

2015 Outstanding Young Farmer of the Year finalists! **

With an immediate focus on producing top of the line Boer goats and after 15 years of involvement in the Boer goat industry, we have thoughtfully fine tuned a herd of exceptional breeding animals. We breed for show quality Boers that are superb examples of the breed as well as producing excellent market kids. If you have come to our site in search of more than just your average goat, then you've come to the right place!

We are proud to offer our clients high end purebred animals that not only look sensational but perform in the herd just as handily as any top commercial animal would. Who says a productive money earning animal can't look like a show winner? Certainly not us because we are successfully producing animals that are the TOTAL PACKAGE.

Look at the animals we are producing and you will have no doubt that we make very careful breeding decisions and do not leave the success of our breeding program to chance. We do not breed for colour, we breed for muscle!

(A 'Pryme' produced market kid! We are also dedicated to promoting quality terminal animals and supplying the meat market with excellent quality Chevon)

We previously maintained a herd size of about 200 breeding does. Since diversifying into the dairy cattle industry and growing our cash crop business, we now keep a breeding herd of 40 Boer does and run 4 - 6 herd sires in order to keep a purposeful customized mating program. We are our own biggest critics and for an animal to earn a place in our herd it had better meet our standard! When you buy 'Pryme' stock you are taking advantage of the elite quality we are dedicated to offering each of our clients.

In the pedigrees of our top breeding bucks you will find legendary names such as RRD Ruger, RRD Gauge, EGGS Tra Clip, EGGS Blake, Brass Shot, Eggsfile, Topbrass, Kaptein, Cloud Dancing, Tarzan T66, Powell/Holman 2SIS Bingo, Pipeline, The Big O, Oscar, RRD V808, BDF Power Source, Maul Painted Warrior, Maul Xtender, Fix it in a Flash, Strategic Power and Keri Downs!

We are proud members of OFA, Ontario Goat, Canadian Meat Goat Association, Holstein Canada and Jersey Canada.

Ryan is the Past President of the CMGA and a current board member. Christie has served four years as a director for Ontario Goat, and now also sits as Treasurer of the CMGA and sits on the Association's Show Committee. In addition, she is a new director for the Northumberland Federation of Agriculture, and currently sits as a committee member for the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Goat Show.

Our herd is involved in CAE testing. We previously performance tested as participants in the GHIP through Kentucky State university. We are now managing our herd performance with BIOtrack software.

We also maintain a strict herd health protocol and keep detailed management records.

The up to date genetic information about our herd can be verified at CLRC. We can honestly say that after 16 years of breeding Boer goats, we have never been more satisfied or impressed with our breeding program than we are now with the current animals in our herd and the outstanding animals we have evolved to.

We are passion driven and we eat, sleep and breathe Boer Goats! Our love for the stock and for what we do is something many people recognize about us right away.

Thank you for stopping by to share in our passion,

Ryan & Christie

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